Dedicated to Translating Exosome Therapeutics into a Clinical & Commercial Reality

The exosome field is evolving rapidly as scientific understanding grows and the industry quickly approaches the stage of entering clinical trials over the coming years. If the boom in immunotherapies has told us anything about drug development; it’s being first to market is game changing.

The inaugural Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit 2019 will unite biotech, academia, pharma and technology providers to accelerate the discovery, development and commercialization of safe and effective exosome based therapeutics. As the race to the clinic intensifies, this summit focuses exclusively on therapeutic applications to help industry leaders and newcomers alike overcome key challenges to improve the end-to-end development of these therapeutics, from discovery through to the delivery of these products to market.

Featured Speakers

Linda Marban

Chief Executive Officer

Capricor Therapeutics

Richard Brudnick

Chief Business Officer & Head of Strategy

Codiak Biosciences

Samir El-Andaloussi

Associate Professor, Laboratory Medicine & Co-Founder & Head, Protein Engineering

Karolinska Institute & Evox Therapeutics

Shaun Stapleton

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance

ReNeuron Limited

Xandra Breakefield

Professor, Neurology & Geneticist, Neurology & Radiology

Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital

Shelley Hartman

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Aegle Therapeutics Corp.

Ian McNiece

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer & Vice President, Research & Development

Oncocyclist & BioCardia & Aegle Therapeutics

Steven Stice

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer & Professor

ArunA Bio & University of Georgia

Why Are Our Speakers Excited to be Involved?

"Exosome-based therapeutics represent a most promising next generation approach for treating a diverse array of diseases. As we transition from the laboratory to the clinic, this timely meeting will bring academia and industry together, and will provide an exciting platform to showcase current cutting-edge advances in the exosome field”. 

Gareth Willis, Instructor, Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

“Exosomes represent a novel source of therapeutics, however clinical translation presents a range of challenges. This meeting represents an opportunity for discussion and exchange to facilitate the development of exosome products.”

Ian McNiece, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer & Vice President, Research & Development, Oncocyclist & BioCardia & Aegle Therapeutics

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