Guillaume van Niel

Guillaume van Niel

Company: Université de Paris, Institute of Psychiatry & Neuroscience of Paris (IPNP), INSERM

Job title: Research Director


G. van Niel has contributed for 20 years to the understanding of the biogenesis and function of exosomes from various cell types and their role in physiological amyloid formation. His recent work has used cutting edge imaging methods (in vivo live imaging, CLEM) to establish new approaches to tackle the molecular mechanisms that regulate exosome secretion. He has developed the first vertebrate model in zebrafish to live track endogenous exosome at the single vesicle scale from their site of production up to their final destination in the whole organism. His current research project aims at better understading the relevance of exosomes and the endolysosomal system in Alzheimer’s Disease and Glioblastoma progression. In parallel, he is developing a zebrafish platform for the preclinical analysis of therapeutic exosomes and the screening of drugs capable of modulating the secretion, uptake and clearance of exosomes in vivo.



Fundamental Aspects & Therapeutic Applications of Live Imaging of Single EV In Vivo 11:30 am

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day: Day Two

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