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Brand New Workshop Added

Driving the discussion at Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit 2019 are the leading pharma, biotech, academic and technology developers to advance the exosome therapeutics landscape into a clinical and commercial reality. Join the discussion to see how other leaders are pushing through common roadblocks and paving the way for the future of targeted therapeutics.

The newly-released 2019 program gives full insight to…

  • Confirmed expert speaker faculty
  • Overarching themes, structure and networking opportunities throughout the meeting
  • Detailed presentation topics from senior industry leaders
  • Location and venue information
  • Pricing, discount and contact information for any remaining questions

Featured Speakers

Linda Marban

Chief Executive Officer

Capricor Therapeutics

Richard Brudnick

Chief Business Officer & Head of Strategy

Codiak Biosciences

Samir El-Andaloussi

Associate Professor, Laboratory Medicine & Co-Founder & Head, Protein Engineering

Karolinska Institute & Evox Therapeutics

Shaun Stapleton

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance

ReNeuron Limited

Ian McNiece

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer & Vice President, Research & Development

Oncocyclist & BioCardia & Aegle Therapeutics

Shelley Hartman

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Aegle Therapeutics Corp.

Steven Stice

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer & Professor

ArunA Bio & University of Georgia

Xandra Breakefield

Professor, Neurology & Geneticist, Neurology & Radiology

Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital