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The 2020 version of this event has run.
If you are interested in the 2021 event, please get in touch at info@hansonwade.com


The 2nd Digital Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit returns as your only industry platform to advance exosome-based therapeutics into a clinical and commercial reality. As the field begins to break into clinical trials, this must-attend conversation unites leading industry members to inform your therapeutic decision-making and progress robust pipelines in this exciting field.


This is your only opportunity to engage in critical conversations about manufacturing, mechanisms of action, clinical progressions, partnerships, regulation and more. This meeting is tailor-made to address your most pressing questions and advance innovative candidates to the clinic and beyond.


Key Topics for 2020:

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Understanding the underlying mechanisms of exosome interactions to inform target identification and development decisions with Scripps Research and University Hospital Essen

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Exploring manufacturing methods to deliver clinically effective products and establish scalable processes with Aruna Bio and Exopharm

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Preparing for clinical trials with key lessons learned from the best in the business such as Aegle Therapeutics

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Developing beneficial partnerships and preparing internally to streamline commercialization and submissions with Evox Therapeutics, Codiak Biosciences and Exogenus Therapeutics

"Great meeting with state of the art science for them of exosome biology"


"Great overview of the possibility of exosome-based therapeutics with the best experts in the field! We definitely need a follow-up meeting next year"

Merck & Co.

"This is a long needed collaborative meeting of exosome experts in industry an academia with an open environment for sharing of ideas to advance the industry"

Kimera Labs

"Excellent world summit focused on exosome therapeutics, which covers science, translation, regulatory, and commercialization."

Vivex Biologics