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Welcome to the 3rd Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit: Expanding the Therapeutic Boundaries of Exosomes

Gathering the world leaders developing exosomes as both therapeutics and drug delivery vehicles to discuss learnings, challenges and future directions at the only industry summit dedicated to successfully sourcing, characterizing and loading clinically relevant exosome based therapeutics for accelerated development and commercialization.

With 25+ pioneering speakers from pharma, biotech and academia who are spear heading the exosome field for scientists worldwide, key highlights include:

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Shining a spotlight on orally delivered bacterial extracellular vesicles with unique pharmacological profiles with striking anti-inflammatory effects, an exciting new approach for exosome therapeutics with Evelo Biosciences

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Deep dive into the latest data coming out of the clinic with key learnings from phase I/II trials of Covid-19, oesteoarthirtus and gastrointestinal diseases with insights from Organicell, University of Athens & University of Louisville

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape for exosomes to understand what the FDA requires to progress through each development stage and the potential for successful applications into 2021 with insights from Rion

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Exploring proteomic insights in understanding EVs and the mechanisms of action of EV-mediated RNA delivery to enable more efficient and efficacious exosome therapies with Exogenus Therapeutics Aruna Bio, Stem XO & Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

12957 - Icon Exosome Based Therapeutic Development

Expanding the boundaries of engineering exosomes including cell selection, applications of the technology, monitoring biodistribution and enabling direct delivery with Exogenus VivaZome Therapeutics, OmniSpriant & Exogenus Therapeutics

"Great meeting with state of the art science for them of exosome biology"


"Great overview of the possibility of exosome-based therapeutics with the best experts in the field! We definitely need a follow-up meeting next year"

Merck & Co.

"This is a long needed collaborative meeting of exosome experts in industry an academia with an open environment for sharing of ideas to advance the industry"

Kimera Labs

"Excellent world summit focused on exosome therapeutics, which covers science, translation, regulatory, and commercialization."

Vivex Biologics