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Focused exclusively on therapeutic applications, Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit 2019 targets the endogenous therapeutic potential of exosomes and their application as drug delivery vehicles. Built for pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and clinical scientists passionate about regenerative medicine and therapeutic innovation, the Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit is a must attend for those looking to explore the target identification, therapeutic potential, delivery and scaling of exosome-derived products as efficacious and utile next generation drugs.

Key Topics for 2019:

  • Uncovering exosome interactions and mechanisms for informed therapeutic development
  • Methods to maximize translatability of preclinical trials and prepare for streamlined clinical trial success
  • Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of these novel therapeutics
  • Reliable manufacturing and up-scaling to produce high quality, consistent exosomes

Join us there to maximise the clinical translatability of your pipeline and break through the competition to pave the way forward in this exciting time for exosome therapeutics.